Crafted stainless steel grooming baths with glass blast beading


Crafted stainless steel grooming baths



Hand crafted stainless steel dog baths, built to last.

The bath caters for every breed and size of dog. It comes complete with a sliding front door and east access ramp, which is attached to the bath.

Each bath includes includes –

– 3 security clip attachments – to suit requirements

– High splash back – to reduce surplus spray and improve overall control

– All screws and accessories needed to attach back splash panels

– 12 month return-to-base warranty (we have glowing reports from customers that 8 years later their baths are still working seamlessly and polish up good as new)

– Each bath comes with an instruction manual and is easy to assemble

Standard Dimensions:

– L=1.2m X W=600mm X H=1m (front) 1.35m(back) X D=400mm

Please ask about our Accessories range:

– Mixing shower heads

– Shampoo holders

– raised platforms

Totally bespoke service can be organised by speaking to Steve.


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