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Do I need my own equipment to start the course?

It is not essential to buy the kits but if possible we highly recommend having your own equipment to get used to whilst training, we have negotiated discounts for these packs for all our students, we stock and sell everything you will need please just ask reception for details. Canine Groom School has a range of equipment in stock for learners to use in the instance that you do not come with equipment.

Is there accommodation near by?

Yes we are lucky enough to have 3 accommodation options, 1 of which is a fabulous farmhouse B&B 500m away called Foxhill Fold. They offer a very special price to our students of £35 (room dependent) per night including breakfast, this can massively help students at certain parts of their course when no driving and a great quiet room is needed to revise or recuperate etc. We have some amazing pubs and restaurants locally also.

What does the free taster tour entail?

During the free taster tour we allow potential students to come and see our amazing centre and school. This gives you a chance to meet the tutors , see what dog grooming really entails, stay in and experience the main styling room which will be full of existing current students and the dogs being groomed, our team will discuss all the different qualification options available to you,  this can make the initial process slightly more to think about however we prefer that and be able to give your new career the choice it deserves.. Be prepared to love it as our venue is seriously stunning, students call it “their therapy farm”

How do I organise my days for the course?

Before their taster tour most students work out their perfect course, which days are possible to do the training, as we are one of the largest grooming schools in the UK we can accommodate what we call a “flexi” course, we are open nearly every day of the year, we can organise a bespoke course to you, 1, 2, 3 days a week ? 1 full week then 1 day a week till finish ? 5-6 days a week intensive ? Saturdays only ? whatever it is we can accommodate.

How do I pay for the course ?

A £500 deposit will secure your dates when paying on full balance terms with the balance due 4 weeks prior to your 1st days training, these can be paid by cash, cheque, debit or credit cards or bank transfer. Please note all deposits are non refundable as your dates will be reserved for you and sold to no one else who then enquirers.

I have never groomed before and have no experience can I still attend the courses and get qualified?

Yes ! absolutely, most of our students have never groomed before they start. We will guide you through the ins and outs of grooming from the beginning of your training and get you to the required standard, please make sure you read the hundreds of previous student testimonials, these real life story’s will show you how so many non groomers now have their own amazing businesses. 

What about online courses?

Dog grooming is a practical skill which needs to be practically taught, please please don’t think this highly dangerous and skilled trade can be learned through theory only, it cant.

Why does Canine Groom School offer a choice of the 2 different qualification bodies?

We like to be able to offer our learners the choice in qualifications and training. What course / qualification is right for one learner may not be right for another .

Please make sure you read the hundreds of previous student testimonials on our website to learn about which direction they went in and why .

Why do some schools offer training with no qualifications?

At this moment in time the dog grooming industry isn’t regulated so you do not have to have a qualification to be able to groom. However this will almost certainly change in the very near future as DEFRA have recently regulated dog sitting and walking. When looking for qualifications be aware of the wordings that training establishments use as it can be misleading what you are signing up for. If you see “This qualification leads towards city and guilds” or “Follows the same L3 criteria as City and guilds” this may not be an actual City & Guilds course so ask lots of questions.

What books / study guides do I need to buy?

Canine Groom School provide an extensive 254 page A4 handbook that we have designed and constantly update for our learners. This handbook will guide you through your learning and is covered by your course costs.

What does a typical grooming training day look like at Groom School?

We strive to make your days as busy as possible to ensure you get the best from your time with us, below is a day mapped out:
Between 9 am and 10 am -arrive for days training get assigned a dog by your tutor dependent on where you are in your training ( if you are early on easier dogs will be assigned ,near the end of training be prepared for Poodles, Bichons, Hand strips and lots of styling.) Half your day is spent with this dog, quick lunch break and you are then assigned another dog for the 2nd half! Many schools only offer one dog a day, please check.

The only time you will only get one dog is if you are given a huge Pyrenean mountain dog or black Russian terrier or similar giant breed, or if you have been assigned some theory or exam work depending on which course you are doing. Then home to shower, drink and sleep after a hard days training.

The above intensive schedule has produced amazing results in all past students as practice makes perfect., Dog grooming is not an “easy job” be prepared for hard work however also be prepared for some of the most amazing , worthwhile and mentally rewarding days ever, and lets not forget all the amazing dogs you will soon be meeting.

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