ICMG Dog Grooming Qualifications

at Canine Groom School

ICMG Dog Grooming Qualification Tracks 1, 2 and 3


Canine Groom School are proud to be offering the CAPG (part of the ICMG) Qualification. This qualification is now taking the UK Dog Grooming industry by storm and prides itself on its ethics, standardisation and making the CAPG members feel like part of a real team.

The qualification itself is based on all practical elements of dog grooming, starting from the very basics of bathing and drying then taking its learner right through to master styling. The CAPG qualification is enjoyable to do as it is teaching groomers what they really need to know to work and not information that won’t ever be needed once out in the real business world.

This qualification has something to offer for every learner and offers huge progression to keep you up to date throughout your career.

Track 1Certified Salon Professional
• Learn how to safely prepare and bath your dogs
• Various drying techniques taught for different coats and undercoats
• Trimming of hygiene areas explained and practised
• Nail clipping introduced and practised
• Tips and ideas on how to create a clean, workable environment
• Pet First Aid Certificate obtained
• Assessments
• Practical – 1 Hour Exam
• Theory – written exam covering health, hygiene, safety, skin, hair, diseases, first aid and code of ethics

Track 2Certified Professional Groomer
• Safely execute pet trims on a variety of breeds
• Workshop given on setting up your own salon and how to build and market your business
• Learning techniques for shaping heads including round heads (Bichon), rectangle head (Schnauzer), spaniel heads and clean faces.
• Assessments
• Practical – 1 Hour Exam
• Theory – written exam covering grooming techniques, behaviour, clippers, blades and safe use of equipment

Track 3Advanced Professional Groomer
• Advanced grooming skills on a variety of breeds
• Special handling techniques on difficult dogs including old, young and temperamental dogs
• Learning to deal with and provide specialised care for specific coat types including handstripping
• Assessments
• Practical – 2 x 90 Minute Exams
• Theory – written exam covering everything learnt throughout the tracks

• The International Master Groomer qualification is recognised worldwide therefore enabling you to work internationally once completed and get on track to becoming an Internationally Certified Master Groomer.

Track 1 & 2 Combined:
Qualifies you to Certified Professional Groomer allowing you to put CPG after your name.
This course is 17 days overall including 16 days practical training plus 1/2 day business talk and 1/2 day canine first aid workshop.

Track 1, 2 & 3 Combined:
Qualifies you to Advanced Professional Groomer allowing you to put APG after your name.
This course is 30 days overall including 28 days practical training plus 1 day externally qualified practical exam day plus 1/2 day business talk and 1/2 day canine first aid workshop.