City & Guilds Level 2 Dog Grooming

at Canine Groom School

City & Guilds

Level 2

Level 2 teaches you the basics of dog grooming which would enable you to go on to become an assistant dog groomer, kennel worker and also gives you the foundations to work your way up to studying for the City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma at a future date.

Below are the areas we will teach you in order to qualify for the Level 2 certification:

The overall course is offered over 18 days including 17 days practical training plus 1/2 day business talk and 1/2 day canine first aid workshop.

This course can be completed as intensively or flexibly as you require.


  • Learn how to safely prepare and bath your dogs
  • Various drying techniques taught for different coats and undercoats
  • Clipping and scissor work taught to pet standard
  • Basic styling and finishing of breed standard trims
  • Nail clipping introduced and practiced
  • Handling of various canine temperaments
  • Tips and ideas on how to create a clean, workable environment
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Pet First Aid Certificate obtained
  • Bussiness talk workshop

City & Guilds

Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming

New Level 3 Full Dog Grooming Diploma 7863.
We are proud to offer the new City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma Qualification over a 30 day course which incorporates the City and Guilds Level 2 Qualification as well which is a necessary step before being allowed to qualify for the Level 3 Diploma.

The overall course is offered over 30 days including 29 days practical training plus 1/2 day business talk workshop and 1/2 day canine first aid workshop.

This is a brand new qualification for 2017 and is taking over the current Level 3 Intro course to become a more intensive Diploma qualification, allowing you to leave your training with the highest of Level 3 qualifications.


Once your foundations are in place from Level 2 we move your skills on to prepare you for the Level 3 Diploma this will include training in:

  • Foot Shape
  • Leg Shapes
  • Clipping to breed standard styles
  • Head shaping to all styles
  • Handstripping
  • Scissoring techniques
  • Deciding on the correct grooming technique for specific breeds
  • Discussing with clients and their requirements
  • Handling of difficult dogs
  • Understanding coat types specific to breeds
  • Business talk workshop


Once the Diploma is complete learners are fully qualified to work or set up a business in the real world. Learners will leave the school with a high standard of practical skills and the combined knowledge of breeds and styles to aid in your everyday grooming work.

The Diploma is certified with 2 exams, one is an external written exam and the other is an internal practical exam which is to groom 3 dogs to a high quality breed standard.