Canine Groom School Diploma

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We are now offering our very own In-House Diploma here at Canine Groom School. This enables you to have the very same practical training as the other courses but without the theory or exam aspects of the course.

You will be taught the below:

  • Learn how to safely prepare and bath your dogs
  • Various drying techniques taught for different coats and undercoats
  • Trimming of hygiene areas explained and practiced
  • Nail clipping introduced and practiced
  • Tips and ideas on how to create a clean, workable environment
  • Safely execute pet trims on a variety of breeds
  • Learning techniques for shaping heads including round heads (Bichon), rectangle head (Schnauzer), spaniel heads and clean faces.
  • Special handling techniques on difficult dogs including old, young and temperamental dogs
  • Learning to deal with and provide specialised care for specific coat types including handstripping

The In House Diploma is a 20 day course with 19 days practical training plus 1/2 day business talk and 1/2 day canine first aid workshop.

*This is not an officially recognised qualification however certification will be provided of attendance.